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Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style is a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality that emerged in the early 20th century and subsequently flourished in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland.

As Christina Exsteen, the creative director of By Malene Birger of Denmark told Vogue, the scandi look could be defined as relaxed, sophisticated, uncomplicated and easy to wear.

Until a few years ago I defined my style as minimalist, I prefer neutral colors, and I bet more and more on sneakers compared to, for example, a pair of heeled boots.

Each person wears what he, she or they feels comfortable in. My goal with this post is to show that having the key pieces in our closet, the basics that we consider essential, the number of looks that can be done are infinite.

And because I know that only a blog post wouldn't do justice to this topic, I compiled in my instagram, several looks with the pieces that will be described below ( see here AQUI).


Owning a black or white T-shirt is an essential piece in every closet. When buying it, it is good to pay attention to whether it looks good inside pants, for example, and outside pants. This way you can wear it in more ways than one.

I prefer my T-shirts not to be too tight, with large sleeves on the shoulders and a round neckline, but these details depend only on you. From the research I did, here are my suggestions:



I consider it important to have a white, a black, and a blue shirt. The choice of material when buying a shirt is important, the linen ones, for example, are super tricky, they are always wrinkled, although they are good for warmer days. Again it is important to see if the shirt fits well both inside and outside the pants.



An oversized sweater always comes in handy for an uncomfortable look. Great also for when we want to add another layer, on colder days. Personally, I love wearing these sweaters over my shoulders, especially when I spend the whole day outdoors.

UNIQLO (link)



Trench Coat

The best trench coats are in second hand stores, a vintage trench coat fits a thousand times better than a new one. Great for layering and for the mid-season.

Massimo Dutti (link) ; H&M (link) ; Weekday (link)


A wool coat is a must. A classic piece, you should choose one based on the pieces you already have in your closet, usually the choices tend to go for black or beige.

Mango (link) ; Zara (link) ; H&M (link)


What would a wardrobe be without a blazer? It can be formal or relaxed, it always depends on how you combine it. Personally, and I think it's no surprise, I prefer a black one.

The only tip I give, when choosing one, always opt for one that you can button inside, it is better for when you need a casual look and you can even combine it with a belt on top.

Arket (link)

Leather Jacket

Finally we have the leather jacket, it's not very suitable for the season we are in, but for spring/summer it's a great buy. Since it is timeless, I would suggest investing in one that you really like, so you don't run the risk of always changing jackets.

Weekday (link)

I hope you enjoyed it.

Don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments or share with your friends. Until the next post!

Kiss kiss, Mariana

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