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Comfy Sunday

Nothing like comfortable clothes for the weekend, or is it better for every day? I must confess that tracksuits have grown on me. By now we have become used to the idea of the concept of athleisure in the fashion industry. It is no longer the clothes to go to the gym or any other physical activity, but streetwear.

After a pandemic did sportswear also have a global domination?

There are many ways to combine it, with a blazer, chunky sneakers or a bodysuit. In this case I wore it with an overcoat.

I alternated the colors of the tracksuit, although I like monochromatic ensembles, I think the look becomes more composed and not so much "pajama".

Most of the brands that we know so well have also realized the growing demand from customers and have adapted to the new reality in the world of fashion. You don't need to buy this kind of clothing, nowadays, only in sports stores.

If after this post you are convinced that you also want to look as comfortable as I am, I will help you choose and leave you my suggestions, from my favorite brands.

Coat SIMILAR (1) SIMILAR (2); Sweatshirt AQUI ; Pants AQUI ; Sneakers AQUI ; Bag SIMILAR

I hope you liked it!

Don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments or share with your friends. Until the next post!

Kiss Kiss, Mariana

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